Skinny 5 Stripe Dark Wooden Tie

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5 Stripe Skinny Wooden Tie is a favourite amongst the younger urban gentlemen.

To wear a Wooden Tie, simply slip the elastic over the head and neatly under the collar.

Move each segment of the tie until the Wood Tie is sitting comfortably.

The the top section representing the knot of the tie, is in the correct position if its covering the top shirt button.

If the Wood Tie feels tight, pull the elastic through from the tie’s wood sections.

If the elastic of the wood tie is too long, tie a knot in to adjust to correct size.

Wooden Ties are surprisingly light weight and when worn you should not be aware of the wood tie in anyway more than wearing a normal tie.

The Wooden Ties ability to flex and curve will follow contours.

Also… no-one will at first spot you are wearing a Wooden Tie!

The Wood Tie can be wiped clean and folded away. It will spring back into action without creases for its next outing.

Genuine Wood Ties by the original Wooden Tie Company UK ltd.